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About the Caves

Cherney Maribel Caves County Park is an especially significant geological area that was formed primarily by glacial activity. Through many years of deposition and change, glaciers wore down the land surface exposing an underlying solid mass of rock called Niagara Dolomite. This has formed the naked crags and irregular cliff line of the area. These formations are in contrast to other parts of Wisconsin where rich layers of boulder till were deposited by the glaciers.​​

Over the years of extreme climatic conditions, the rock has decomposed. Springs, carbonic acid, the changing seasons, high volumes of glacial ice melt, and temperature variations broke down the rock. Small caves and openings created by these forces appear in the rock layers of the cliff line. Springs which seep from the limestone rock flow over moss covered rocks and trickle to the river. Select wildlife to the area, rare ferns, varieties of creeping plants, and wildflowers are found among the rocks and within the wooded growth. This natural beauty of the park made it a popular picnic and recreational area long before it was acquired by Manitowoc County

on Nov 5, 1963.

The Caves

Local volunteer groups including the Wisconsin Speleological Society have been working in conjunction with Manitowoc County Parks and Planning Commission to systematically excavate the glacially deposited sediments in the passages in order to restore the natural beauty of one of those caves... aptly named "New Hope".


Below are the groups that Maribel Caves works closely with to promote parks and caving in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin Speleological Society


Manitowoc County Park System

Pete Tarnowski
(920) 683-4185
Manitowoc County Parks Dept


Manitowoc County Parks

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